Continuing the drift, only elsewhere

This website and project has, for several years now, encompassed a sort of semi-fictional, semi-dreamlike notion of walking and wondering. And my attempts to put all of that into words as best I can.

The project will continue but I’ve decided to incorporate everything here, into my own personal website. This website will exist until it doesn’t, but any new work on the project will appear on the website over time.

I know quite a number of people follow this site, so if you get to read this and would like to follow my own site instead, I’d be very grateful. Sorry for the hassle in swapping things over. On the right hand side of each page of my site, there’s a WordPress follow button (if you use the WordPress reader) or you can also follow the site by email.

Thanks so much for all your attention and interest over the last few years!

Author: Brian Lavelle

Sound artist and writer.

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